How do We Work?

How our Team Work

A little more about us … 

We plan the very best for your business. We hire only full-time engineers with a minimum of five years’ experience and conduct an aggressive interview process. Our influential teamwork culture and communication excellence will ensure that your software is developed and successfully implemented as fast as possible.

  • Dedicated project manager for every 4-5 engineers

  • Training on a weekly bases

  • Bonus offering on success and efficiency

  • Team with one common goal: consistently exceed customer expectation

  • World-class work environment

  • Campus-like facilities and culture

  • Fast-paced, results-oriented ethic

  • Empowerment in a non-hierarchical organization

A little more of what we do … 

Since 2008, We have been supporting medium to large businesses in Product Management, Enterprise integration, UI/UX design evaluation, Enterprise Software Development, AWS Integrations , and client relationship management. Our scope encompasses Cloud base Applications, legacy application refactoring, enterprise software development, Virtualization, Web & Mobile Application Development, Audit & Consultancy , Project Management, Big Data, Application Performance, On-Demand Resources, On-Demand Knowledge, Software system architecture, and pattern-oriented design.

  • Medium to large engineering team management

  • A medium for large and small scale businesses

  • Off-shore engineering team management with 99% success rate of on-time product delivery

  • Agile and Waterfall software development

  • Software architectures evaluation

  • Business and engineering requirements capture

  • Database design

  • UI/UX designs

  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) design and development

  • Enterprise Service Bus (specifically MULE) design and development

  • Project and development management

How Our Team Work

Let us know if you need any number of expert engineers, designers, domain experts and business analysts. SVCIT is always here to help you make progress and create another success…

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