Custom Software Development

Precision-Engineered Business Software, Meticulously Crafted for Each Client

Igniting the Path with Pioneering Innovation

At SVCIT, we go beyond mere coding — we architect bespoke software solutions tailored to resonate with our client’s distinct needs. Our cadre of seasoned professionals understands the intricate dynamics of the business realm and consistently crafts solutions that adhere to the highest standards, always ensuring timeliness, cost-efficiency, and optimal resource utilization. Our offerings don’t end at custom software creation; we’re your partners in software maintenance and platform-centric customization.

  • Custom electronic health record (EHR/EMR)

  • Enterprise content management (ECM)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM and Loyalty) systems

  • Enterprise portals

  • Secured messaging

  • Data Analysis

  • Enterprise E-Commerce

  • Loyalty Program Management

  • Trade Promotion Management

  • Private Label Product Management

  • Custom Retail Software

  • Retail Corporate Portal Development

  • Data Analysis

  • Trade promotion management software

  • Advertising planning

  • Social marketing solutions

  • Loyalty software

  • Marketing data analysis

  • Real-time bidding in online advertisement

  • Adaptive learning

  • Computer-assisted language learning

  • Educational game

  • Educational technology

  • Educational entertainment Edutainment

  • Instructional technology

  • Management portal

  • E-Commerce support

  • Fundraising systems

  • IoT (Internet of Things), M2M

  • Intelligent Transportation, V2I, V2V

  • Big Data & Data Mining

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Gaming

  • Insurance Companies

  • E-commerce

  • Software security

  • Manufacturing and Engineering
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