How do We Work?

How our Team Work

Experience Our Exceptional Enterprise Software Development Services

Our Approach

At SVCIT, we are deeply committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for your business with our exceptional software development services. Moreover, our hiring process is stringent, ensuring that only full-time engineers with a minimum of five years of experience join our team. Additionally, we conduct rigorous interviews to identify individuals who are not only skilled but also excel in teamwork and communication, guaranteeing the swift and successful development and implementation of your software.

Key Aspects of Our Work Environment:

  • Dedicated project managers for every group of 4-5 engineers

  • Weekly training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge

  • Performance-based bonus offerings for success and efficiency

  • A unified team with a shared goal: consistently exceeding customer expectations

  • World-class work environment fostering collaboration and innovation

  • Campus-like facilities and culture promoting growth and development

  • Fast-paced, results-oriented work ethic driving project success

  • Empowerment within a non-hierarchical organization, encouraging ownership and initiative

  • Choose SVCIT as your partner for exceptional enterprise software development services, and witness the difference our commitment and expertise can bring to your organization.

Experience Our Comprehensive Enterprise Software Development Services

Our Expertise

At SVCIT, we have been providing medium to large businesses with exceptional software development services since 2008. Moreover, our expertise spans a wide range of areas, including product management, enterprise integration, UI/UX design evaluation, AWS integrations, and client relationship management. We specialize in developing cloud-based applications, legacy application refactoring, enterprise software development, virtualization, web and mobile application development, audit and consultancy, project management, big data, application performance, on-demand resources and knowledge, software system architecture, and pattern-oriented design.

Key Aspects of Our Services:


  • Management of medium to large engineering teams

  • Services tailored to businesses of all sizes

  • Offshore engineering team management with a 99% success rate of on-time product delivery

  • Agile and Waterfall software development methodologies

  • Software architecture evaluation to optimize performance

  • Capturing of business and engineering requirements to ensure project success

  • Expert database design to enable effective data management

  • UI/UX design services to enhance user experience

  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) design and development expertise

  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), specifically MULE, design and development proficiency

  • Effective project and development management to ensure seamless execution

  • Choose SVCIT for comprehensive and unparalleled enterprise software development services. Let us help take your business to new heights of success.

How Our Team Work
Experience Our Comprehensive Full-Stack Software Development Services

SVCIT is your trusted partner for full-stack software development services. We provide a comprehensive range of expert services, including access to engineers, designers, domain experts, and business analysts. Moreover, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and making your next project a success.

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