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SVCIT Product & Services

Architecture Design

Discover the pinnacle of architectural design with our cutting-edge experience and methodologies. Seamlessly blending pattern-oriented design, requirements analysis, and operating system evaluation. Our holistic approach to architecture ensures a perfect balance of design and functionality, empowering you to create innovative solutions with exceptional run-time qualities such as interoperability, scalability, and security. Experience enhanced user satisfaction with our emphasis on usability and architecture quality. Additionally, benefit from cost-effective, marketable solutions. Elevate your design process and witness the true potential of your projects with our comprehensive architecture platform.

We make sure some typical architecture attributes to sustain our quality:

Agile and Waterfall Development

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our enterprise software development services, offering both Agile and Waterfall development methodologies tailored to your project’s unique requirements. While Waterfall suits enterprise processes, our Agile approach and rapid development cater to smaller-scale projects, utilizing sprints for efficient delivery.

Moreover, our commitment to these versatile methodologies ensures an outstanding customer experience, characterized by well-defined objectives and a streamlined direction. Embrace the potential for time and cost savings while enjoying the benefits of our tailored software development solutions.

Agile and Waterfall Development svcit sevice


Requirements Capture

Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique requirements and constraints. With comprehensive business and engineering requirements captured by our in-house domain specialists, we ensure a meticulous elicitation process. Each sprint features partial or fully dressed use cases, monitored closely by our project managers to guarantee successful delivery.

Build-In Use Case
As domain experts across various software development categories and industries, SVCIT offers built-in use cases derived from experience. This empowers our customers to quickly identify their business needs and requirements.

Brainstorming Sessions
We facilitate targeted brainstorming sessions, engaging with all identified stakeholders and selecting end users to thoroughly comprehend requirements and business functions, both functional and non-functional.

Live Scheduled Meetings
Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes live scheduled meetings, during which we gather requirements, address queries, and ensure that our clients are content with the elicitation process. Experience the SVCIT difference as we deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Advanced Event Processing Solutions:

Specialists in crafting Advanced Event Processing (AEP) systems, we excel in monitoring, examining, and managing data streams for real-time comprehension and prompt decision-making during execution. Our approach enables seamless adjustments across multiple sources as needed. Leveraging the AEP data processing methodology, our skilled teams proficiently process numerous events, pinpoint patterns, and initiate measurable actions in real-time, such as fraud detection and dynamic campaign management.

By incorporating AEP, we guarantee quality through the following features:

24/7 Support

SVCITs’ experts’ support is just one click away from you!

We take pride in offering a committed full-time support team throughout and beyond each development phase. To ensure rapid assistance for every client, we provide a dedicated support channel at a fixed and affordable price.

Enterprise Integration

Empowering Your Business for Success!

We offer an extensive array of applications and services to uphold the highest quality of our enterprise solutions. Our approach emphasizes seamless connectivity, smart data mapping, transformation, and orchestration.

We specialize in system integration, electronic data interchange, product data exchange, and distributed computing environments across various domains such as SCM, ERP, CRM, ECM, DBMS, MOM, business intelligence applications, payroll, and human resources systems. Catering to diverse business aspects, such as processes, products, data, people, and technologies, our services deliver significant advantages, particularly for startups and medium-sized enterprises.

Significant enterprise advantages application Integration
Our Expertise In Enterprises Products

SVCIT has successfully integrated the following enterprise products for notable companies and actively supports maintenance:

Typical Domains


Engineering Team Management

“It’s not that we use Technology,
We live in Technology”.

We are innovators, creators, visionaries, and trailblazers. Our cutting-edge work environment fosters exceptional team performance, ensuring you can remain worry-free regarding technical team management as we handle everything from start to finish.

A successful project requires a well-rounded team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, adept in their respective fields, to guarantee flawless project delivery. Each role must be filled by a specialist, with no personnel shortages.

Developing high-quality software and ensuring success goes beyond just having developers. A comprehensive team includes:


Our teams boast extensive talent, experience, and proficiency in all vital aspects of business software development and enterprise expansion.

At SVCIT, we take pride in assisting and supporting your company with medium to large projects, paving the way for more success stories in your business journey.

Database Design Excellence:

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
Daniel Keys Moran

“Transforming raw data into valuable insights!”

We understand the importance of safeguarding your critical data and optimizing memory usage. Our expert design team meticulously assesses the requirements and crafts a fully normalized relational database with a logical data structure. For each design phase, we provide Entity-Relationship Diagrams and normalization reports to address all specifications. Our primary emphasis on database design lies in securing data against vulnerabilities and optimizing memory for cost-effective and tailored solutions.

Enterprise Service Bus Solutions:

The ESB serves as a unified access point for all systems, streamlining communication and enabling seamless integration with other services. We utilize Axys DataOps Data Fabric Platform, Mule ESB, powered by the runtime engine of Anypoint Platform, a lightweight Java-based ESB and integration platform that allows developers to rapidly connect applications. This approach ensures effortless integration of existing systems, independent of their diverse technologies.

In scenarios where one or more source systems are undergoing maintenance, our solution delivers data as a set of standard services that internal and external consumers can access for instant, up-to-date information.

UI/UX Design Excellence:

We provide comprehensive in-house design and support for UI/UX in both existing and new projects, ensuring full compatibility with a wide range of browsers and client-specific devices in the enterprise. We deliver a fully responsive and dynamic front-end UI in every development process. Our highly talented teams prioritize key aspects of UI/UX design, such as:

Our UI and UX designs boast a distinctive combination of colors, typography, fonts, animations, and layouts, setting us apart in the realm of UI and UX design.

A consistent design layout enhances the overall user experience. Our designers emphasize uniformity to create a more enjoyable user journey.

We prioritize clarity in our designs, making it easy for users to understand and interact with applications for various purposes.

Advantages of Investing in UI/UX

Enhanced User Experience: Investing in captivating UI/UX designs for your software allows clients to seamlessly interact with your application, achieving the intended purpose effortlessly. This fosters brand loyalty and positively impacts your business.

Significant ROI: While developing custom software may be more costly than off-the-shelf solutions, outstanding UX/UI designs ensure that your tailored software delivers exceptional value. Consequently, the returns on your investment are substantial and rewarding.

Product Management

Product management is a multifaceted process that demands meticulous planning. It encompasses managing product roadmaps, defining and developing market requirements, research and collaboration, development and implementation, quality assurance, product launch, and unwavering support.

Successful project management involves bringing together engineers, designers, business analysts, marketing professionals, and stakeholders to form a cohesive system, driving product success.

An ideal project team consists of skilled and experienced individuals covering all essential areas, guaranteeing flawless project delivery. Each role must be filled by a specialist, ensuring there are no personnel shortages.

Developing high-quality software and ensuring success goes beyond just having developers. A comprehensive team includes:

Software Architecture Assessment:

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and software engineering tools such as Lattix, we evaluate existing architectures to identify anti-patterns and enhance software architectures in line with quality attribute objectives.

Businesses comprise various aspects, including processes, products, data, people, and technologies, which offer advantages, particularly for startups. To tackle complex tasks, diverse organizations must comprehend how their business can grow under these circumstances. Furthermore, small and medium-sized enterprises can also adopt these architectures.

The rising popularity of enterprise solutions is due to their ability to replace customizable programs and complex tools with more accessible business applications and development tools. We aim to boost enterprise productivity and efficiency by providing business logic and support functions by implementing enterprise solutions step-by-step.

Some of the Characteristics of Good Software Architecture

Distributed Systems Solutions:

We excel in designing and implementing distributed systems that leverage networked computers, which communicate and coordinate their actions by exchanging messages. Our approach breaks down a single problem into multiple components, with distinct computations addressing each part during runtime.

Why should you choose our distributed system services for your business? Here are compelling reasons:

Key Features of Distributed Systems:

The Major Examples of Distributed Systems

Security Mechanism Used in Distributed Systems

Encryption: Blowfish, RSA
Authentication: Password, Public Key Authentication
Authorization: Access control lists

Project Management

We employ a comprehensive suite of vital project management skills, methodologies, tools, and expertise to ensure the success of every project. Our approach covers crucial aspects such as planning, progress tracking, estimation, and change management.

SVCIT project managers emphasize the following key elements of project management:

Boundless Potential:

Envision your desired custom software with our experienced professionals, who possess a broad vision to bring your ideas to life. The planning stage allows you to grasp the overall concept of your custom software, both during development and after completion.

We manage the entire software development life cycle, from initial planning through ongoing support. With over 80+ dedicated & managed full-time senior engineers, we’re equipped to support our valued clients in medium or large-scale projects. We cater to all types of technologies for diverse businesses, offering dynamic packages.

Why Choose Us

Embracing Change:
Our proven development and support model enables consistent communication with our clients from project inception to completion. This approach allows us to quickly respond to client’s needs, ensuring optimal project development.

Fixed Engineering Cost:
SVCIT offers fixed and month-to-month engineering fees, allowing you to control your project’s cost and resources with just 30 days’ notice. By selecting two or more engineers for each project, you maintain complete control over your resources and budget. We don’t require contracts or charge cancellation fees. Within a few days, you can add as many resources as needed, with diverse expertise, even for short periods.

Unparalleled Client Benefits:

Expert & Dedicated Senior Engineers:
SVCIT boasts a team of over 80+ full-time, highly skilled, and proficient software engineering professionals with at least 5 years of experience in high-tech industries. Our engineers have primarily been involved in enterprise development and integration, demonstrating a proven track record. We hire only full-time, experienced engineers and implement a rigorous interview process. Our robust teamwork culture and exceptional communication ensure your software is developed and implemented swiftly.

Why We Do This

In a rapidly advancing technological landscape where market adoption often lags, SVCIT provides corporate clients with a flexible yet dedicated senior engineering team on demand at competitive rates.

SVCIT delivers end-to-end software development lifecycle management, covering requirements definition, application design, development, deployment, and software support and upgrades.

We offer customized solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Every client is assigned a dedicated manager who genuinely understands the intricacies of their business requirements. This approach enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ changes, providing unparalleled support and maximizing their ROI.

Front-End Excellence

Captivating, intuitive, and responsive user interface designs are our priority. We consistently emphasize flexibility and pixel-perfect precision.

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