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About Us Team SVCIT
About Us Team SVCIT
About Us Team SVCIT

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Our Mission

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is crucial to have a competent and adaptive engineering team to navigate your product’s life cycle effectively. SVCIT, strategically positioned in the heart of Silicon Valley, specializes in catering to medium and large enterprise companies.

Moreover, we provide our corporate clients with a flexible and dedicated senior engineering team, available on-demand and at highly competitive pricing for enterprise software development solutions.

Furthermore, SVCIT is committed to delivering comprehensive software life cycle process development and management solutions, encompassing requirements definition, application design, development, deployment, and software support and upgrade. We pride ourselves on crafting customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Additionally, a dedicated manager, well-versed in the nuances of your business requirements, will be assigned to ensure quick and efficient responses to any changes initiated by our customers. This approach guarantees the highest level of support and maximizes your return on investment (ROI). Our success and resource-saving strategies are what set us apart from the competition.

Impressive Track Record:

  • Successfully delivered over 100 software projects since 2001

  • Served more than 90 small, medium, and large-sized enterprises since 2001

  • A team of over 120+ full-time, highly experienced, and proficient software engineer professionals, each with a minimum of 5 years of experience

  • Serving clients locally in the U.S, with development executed at a single location in India

  • Specializing in web, mobile, and desktop applications with comprehensive software life cycle management support

  • Choose SVCIT and let us help drive your enterprise software development initiatives to unparalleled success.

Our Organization Structure

Learn About Our Teams of 120+ Senior-Level Engineers and Growing

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Database Design

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Project Manager

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Our History

This has been a long journey ...

Our company was formed with only four software engineers developing dynamic web applications. At that time, dynamic websites were a huge deal 🙂

After four years, we completed tens of projects. We gained momentum in Silicon Valley by focusing on large-sized application development such as Social Technical Network, one of the first of its kind Intelligent Resume Bank and many more. We expanded the company to almost ten full-time engineers.

We moved the development from small projects to large sizes with millions of lines of code each. We expanded the team again and had a successful turnaround entering the mobile market. SVCIT engineers and management successfully started getting involved with enterprise companies’ projects such as large insurance companies VSP and many more.

We began to become experts in HIPAA and PCI compliance fields. We also shifted to putting a hand on medical hardware devices.

Even with downtime in the market, we delivered very successful projects and systematically carried larger applications for bidding systems, health care, patient management systems, VOIP, enterprise portal management, and many more. We expanded the team to more than 30 full-time, experienced engineers.

We moved away from contracting with engineers and brought everyone fully on board. Localized the team in one single new location and brought the cost of engineering down for clients. We started growing so fast after these fundamental decisions.

As of today, we are going solid. Our team and company architecture are entirely set up and organized. Today we are over 45 full-time engineers with highly experienced in their fields. We are running the development lifecycle continuously to support enterprises and many Fortune 500 companies.

We can’t wait to update this page again in 2020 with a lot more to say about our success. Please stay tuned and thank you from our team to you and our fantastic clients’ support for allowing us to be part of their great success.

We started an exciting year with the news of Covid-19! Even though outsiders might see SVCIT as a remote software developer company, in fact, we are not. Our engineers come to work every day and work as a team, so we had to make a lot of adjustments to make it work efficiently again.

But with the experience of our management team, the transformation happened very quickly. We have had a powerful position in the market in the past few years and have established so many successes along the way.

SVCIT is now integrated into enterprise-grade software development and integration with over 80+ full-time engineers. We brought so many proven successes to our clients and are very excited to work on more future successes.

In 2023, SVCIT has reached a remarkable milestone, collaborating with over 90 clients and serving more than 700 enterprises. Our journey has seen the successful completion of over 100 products and projects. With this extensive experience, we have crafted the inaugural no-code, end-to-end data platform called AXYS. This revolutionary stride slashes the timeline for AI enablement from years or months to mere hours.

Featuring full automatic deployment and a sophisticated dynamic API generator tailored for private company data, this platform is a testament to the years of commitment and expertise of our esteemed engineers. After two dedicated years of development, we are thrilled to unveil this transformative platform to selected enterprises, marking a new era of efficiency and innovation in AI-powered business solutions.

Are You Ready?

Should you need any help to succeed, we are pleased to join your team.

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