Data Operations (DataOps) for Enterprise Generative AI

Data Delivery Entropy

The quality and quantity of data used to train generative AI models are crucial for generating high-quality outputs. This data can come from a variety of sources, including databases, files, or business applications like CRM or ERP.

The SVCIT DataOps platform and expert engineers guarantee the success of applications based on generative AI. As it ensures that the AI models are trained on high-quality data and that the data management process is streamlined and efficient. This, in turn, enables organizations to generate valuable insights, improve decision-making, and drive business growth.

Rapid Adoption of Generative AI

The adoption of generative AI applications within the enterprise is steadily increasing. Many businesses recognize the benefits of generative AI for tasks such as content creation, product design, and even customer service.

A 2020 survey conducted by Deloitte found that 53% of enterprises are already using AI and machine learning technologies in their business processes, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years.

Generative AI is particularly useful in industries where there is a need for complex or creative problem-solving, such as in healthcare, finance, and entertainment. For example, generative AI is used in the healthcare industry to develop personalized patient treatment plans. In finance, it is used to create predictive models for fraud detection and risk management.

Power Your Enterprise DataOpswith Speed and Flexibility

One of the main challenges is the need for large amounts of high-quality data to train or use the AI models. This requires significant investment in a resilient data collection and management infrastructure for AI Applications.

Enhance your AI applications with our comprehensive no-code DataOps solution, offering speed and flexibility in handling data operations. Our system consolidates disparate data sources, simplifies data acquisition, connectivity mapping, and compatibility, while addressing security, sovereignty, and governance.

With our unified real-time search and fully dynamic auto generated API layer. The users can easily access information from multiple applications, unlocking the full potential of company data and driving valuable insights for informed decision-making. Experience the benefits of streamlined data management and accelerated innovation with our cutting-edge DataOps platform for Generative AI systems.

The World’s Most Trusted Data Sources

We partner and support the following enterprise data sources:

  • CRM Solutions – Salesforce CRM
  • ERP Solutions – SAP
  • HR Systems – Workday and Bamboo HR
  • Databases – AWS RDS (MySQL), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Hadoop and more
  • Team Collaboration Platforms – Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom
  • Email – Microsoft Outlook, Google Workspace
  • Storage – Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Customer Support – Zendesk, Freshdesk and Service Now
  • Cloud Data Warehousing – Snowflake and Single Store
  • Marketing Ops – Marketo and Hubspot
  • Data Visualization – Tableau, Qlik, and MixPanel
  • Custom Connectors


SVCIT Data Ops technology provides your organization with the following benefits:

Accelerate data-driven decision-making

Our DataOps platform uses virtualization technology to create a unified view of all data across an organization, enabling businesses to access, analyze and visualize their data more efficiently and effectively. It also provides advanced analytics capabilities such as predictive modeling and machine learning, helping companies to gain insights and make data-driven decisions faster.

Improve Employee Productivity

Your employees can easily access and analyze data from multiple sources in a single platform, reducing the time and effort required to search for and gather data. The platform also provides data visualization tools that make creating and sharing dashboards and reports easy, improving communication and collaboration among team members.

Reduce operational Risks

By simplifying the complexities of managing and accessing data across multiple sources, you can reduce the need for maintaining in-house data management solutions. Our technology provides powerful data governance features that maintain data quality, security, and compliance, reducing the risk of data breaches and associated costs.

Affordable Expert Engineering Resources

SVCIT’s expert engineering team can also connect any AI source or analytic tools in your company to generate custom insights or dashboard solutions for your company data in record time.

SVCIT with 15+ years of experience has been serving over 700+ medium to large enterprises by offering a flexible, dedicated senior engineering team with a competitive price.


SVCIT-AXYS platform deployes in your company environment to bring all your software together and makes all your data accessible for any solutions, and searchable by people, places, projects, documents, conversations and more.


Today companies face common DataOps challenges like handling larger and more complex datasets, real-time data, data quality and governance, cloud computing, and integrating structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

They also face new challenges, such as expert recourse constrained, identifying relevant data sources, ensuring data compatibility, addressing data quality issues, managing data security and governance, and dealing with scalability and resource-intensive requirements. Inadequate testing and poor data quality can also impact the accuracy and reliability of the data. Creating a data management process requires significant planning and development, skilled resources, precise project requirements, and effective communication to ensure efficient completion.

We save time and mitigate the risks with your Data Operations (DataOps).

SVCIT automates data operations from collection to visualization, delivering scalability to accommodate increasing data sources, volumes, and complexity without the need for costly traditional development.

Our unique technology creates a unified view of all data across the organization, making it easier to access, search, analyze, and visualize data more efficiently and effectively.

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