UC Enterprise

About Architecture

SVCIT is a main development partner with one of the global enterprise leaders in Unified Communication (UC) Federation-as-a-Service, UC Exchange provider and the fastest growing cloud-based community of federation-ready organizations in the world. Providing UC connectivity for VOIP, IM, Presence and file sharing to over 500 enterprises such as IBM, Shell, HP, Vodafone, Symantec, Intuit, Lenovo, Cisco, AOL and many more. The enterprise system currently serves over 500K federated users and over 1 Billion federated messages per month. 

While leading internal product development team, transitioned exiting engineering team to SVCIT senior engineering team and significantly improved the product development lifecycle. Using refactoring process, improved the existing design and code to allow rapid scalability. By analyzing enterprise customers’ feedback and market review, provided resources and technical knowledge to advance the platform with new features and requirements. We are also currently designing and developing a new enterprise management portal for 100s of enterprise clients within the system in order to retire the old portal and significantly increase user experience quality.




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