What are we Providing?

What are we Providing?

Custom Software Development

What are we Providing? According to your business idea. We create custom business software and provide Comprehensive Software Development Services. SVCIT offers complete software lifecycle process development and management, encompassing requirements definition, application design, development, deployment, and software support and upgrade. We Focused on Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications.

Requirement Gathering

The Requirement gathering plays a vital role in developing a successful project. Moreover, our experts designed our requirement-gathering process well to reach customer satisfaction. Additionally, our expert teams help customers identify the best fit for their business software. We highly focus on some key points such as:

Software Quality Assurance

In terms of Software Quality Assurance, authenticity is crucial to providing the best-fit products for your business. To meet the desired quality level in our products, especially utilizing every stage of software design, development, and production. SVCIT’s experts focus on the following points such as:

Agile Development Process

We prefer the Agile development process to add more efficiency and accuracy to our software development. We welcome change requirements, interact with stakeholders frequently, and deliver working software continually.

Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform development provides faster development processes using popular cross-platform technologies, including React Native, Ionic, Xamrin, and Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

AWS Dedicated Services

In addition, we are providing all AWS services to support your software, such as:

AWS S3 Buckets, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon Redshift, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EC2, Amazon SNS vs. SQS, Amazon VPC, etc.

Dedicated Senior Software Engineers

SVCIT’s dedicated team is a group of tech pros. Our team experts are very flexible regarding time, cost, and customer requirements.

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