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How Kibana Works in ELK Stack


Here we are going to discuss how Kibana works in the ELK stack. But, first, we need to understand the ELK stack. ELK stack combines three open-source tools: ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana for log analysis. Logs are one of the most important pieces of data. Kibana uses the excellent faceted queries as provided by ElasticSearch […]

Introduction to Amazon Neptune Graph Database


Highly connected data is essential for many of today’s applications, including knowledge graphs, identity graphs, fraud graphs, social networking, and recommendation engines. Corresponding data needs to be managed and queried in a simple and fast way. But traditional databases are too rigid, and existing graph databases are difficult to scale as applications grow. Here we […]

Log Analytics with ELK Stack in Business


What is Log Analytics? Log analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about that information. This information will be helpful to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system. When an analyst tries to find out an error or try to find out on which server it […]

Introduction Amazon Aurora

Introduction to Amazon Aurora


Amazon Aurora Amazon Aurora is a proprietary technology from AWS (not an open-source), but it’s compatible with PostgreSQL and MySQL, supported as Aurora DB. Aurora is “AWS Cloud Optimized” and claims 5x performance improvement over MySQL on RDS, over 3x the performance of PostgreSQL. Its storage automatically grows in increments of 10GB; when the user […]

How Amazon AWS Glue Works

AWS Glue: How it Works? Serverless Data Integration


What is AWS Glue? AWS Glue is a fully manageable ETL (extract, transform, and load) service that makes it simple and cost-effective to categorize data, clean it, enrich it, and move it reliably between various data streams. AWS Glue’s design is ideal for working with semi-structured data. Here we are going to discuss how Amazon […]

What is AWS Elastic File Storage (EFS)

Amazon Elastic file storage ( EFS)


Why Need Amazon Elastic file storage? As lots of enterprise software applications require shared file storage which is accessible by multiple computers simultaneously. Here is the problem with building a personal file storage system; it takes time and can be costly. After file storage system deployment, it also requires complex maintenance and backup operations to […]

How Amazon Lightsail Server Supports Enterprises

How Amazon Lightsail Server Supports Enterprises?


Amazon Lightsail Server Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to launch and manage a preconfigured virtual private server with AWS. AWS Lightsail provides an easy way to launch and manage the private virtual server. Here we are going to discuss how Amazon Lightsail Server Support supports enterprise business applications. Why Amazon Lightsail Server? When an […]

AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Introduction to AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS)


The AWS Elastic Block Store is a distributed, replicated block data store optimized for consistency, low latency, read and write access from EC2 instances. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides block-level storage volumes for Amazon EC2 instances in the AWS Cloud. Each Amazon EC2 volume is automatically replicated within its availability zone to protect users […]

What is Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)


Companies are finding a way to store, distribute, and manage all of their data, which is a big challenge. Running applications, delivering content to users hosting high traffic websites, or backing up documents database and email will require a lot of storage. More storage space keeps growing every day. Building and managing a personal repository […]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk – Introduction


A developer wants to build a great website or any application. But, somehow always end up as a system administrator, you spend a lot of time managing and configuring servers’ databases, load balancer firewalls, and networks instead of coding. Whenever a developer has to scale servers to support more users, it becomes a headache because […]

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