Why Choose SVCIT?

Innovative Development Strategy with SVCIT


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The fast-moving technology pace often demands a competent but adaptive engineering team as you progress through your product life cycle. SVCIT, with a base in the heart of Silicon Valley and a focus on medium to large enterprise companies, provides corporate clients with a flexible innovative development strategy with a dedicated senior engineering team on-demand and at a very competitive price.

  • 100’s of Successful Projects
  • Served Over 90 Businesses Directly
  • Served Over 700+ Enterprise Indirectly
  • Serving Clients Locally in the U.S
  • Fully Managed Engineering Teams
  • Proven Track Records
  • Competitive fixed monthly cost Services.

True Dedicated Team with SVCIT


We Build Teams for Your Products!

SVCIT’s innovative development strategy differs from many other companies by building your team internally and in-house. We focus on building a high-performance and responsive team, primarily consisting of senior software engineers we employ. Our approach involves tailoring the team to meet client needs.

Once onboarded and familiar with requirements, the team becomes your company’s dedicated engineers, available full-time for daily or project-based tasks. Every associated engineer will be available during usual office hours and report daily to project managers internally and externally. The team will be organized for software development, testing, IT requirements, QA, R&D, support, and engineering requirements.

  • Brand Your Team
  • Full Privacy
  • Strategy development for team success and effectiveness
  • Full-time Dedicated Senior Engineers
  • We guarantee team quality and performance by given metrics
  • Anytime, Full Access with Your Engineers via Slack, Skype, or other internal communication tools.
  • JIRA Reporting System
  • Daily and Weekly Documentation
  • Supervised by Dedicated Project Managers
  • Long Term strategy vs. short-term project team.



  1. Industry-Leading Expertise: Leverage 15+ years of experience in modernizing large-scale software products with SVCIT.
  2. Agile Resource Allocation: Flexibly add or remove engineering resources with just a 30-day notice tailored to your project needs.
  3. Skill-Matched Engineers: Benefit from our vast talent pool, ensuring you get engineers with the exact skill set your project demands.
  4. No Scope Restrictions: SVCIT empowers clients with full flexibility in project management, allowing for sprint-based or day-to-day assignments.
  5. Integrated Project Management: Minimize conflicts and miscommunications with our internal product/project managers, ensuring smoother project execution.


SVCIT Invests in Qualified Clients Technologies


We Can Partner with Clients for Development

SVCIT actively invests in potential companies in series A or B. Privately held companies can qualify for a significant discount for equity with specific engineering resources provided by SVCIT. When partnering with SVCIT, your company can also use domain experts with a wide range of expertise in business development, business strategy, product roadmap design, market analysis, and product development.

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