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Architecture Design

Software system architecture and pattern-oriented design, including requirements & use case analysis, processors/modules design, operating system evaluation, sequence, state diagrams, Business strategy, quality attributes, human dynamics, design, and IT environments.

We make sure some typical architecture attributes to sustain our quality:

Agile and Waterfall Development

We do support both Waterfall and Agile development methodologies based on project requirements. Typically Waterfall is for the enterprise processes, but Agile and rapid development will be used for smaller-size projects using sprints for actual delivery.

Agile and Waterfall Development svcit sevice

Our aim with these development methodologies is to deliver an exceptional customer experience with clear goals and direction and save time and money.  

Requirements Capture

Our experts care about our requirements and constraints. We do complete business and engineering requirements captured by our in-house domain experts. The elicitation process with partial or fully dressed use cases will be delivered for each sprint and closely monitored by PMs for guaranteed delivery.

Build-In Use Case
Being a domain expert in many software development categories and industries allows SVCIT to provide built-in use cases to customers from experience to identify what they need for their business quickly.

Brainstorming Sessions
We conduct specific brainstorming sessions with all identified stakeholders and some end users, talking through understanding requirements and business function (Functional and non-functional requirements).  

Live Scheduled Meetings
To do this, we also provide Live Scheduled meetings for our customers to get their requirements, adware their queries, and make sure customers are satisfied with the elicitation process.

Complex Event Processing

Expert in designing Complex Event Processing (CEP) to track, analyze, and process information streams to understand what is happening in real-time to make decisions instantly during runtime and adjust one-to-many sources as required. We use the CEP data processing technique. Our expert teams processed multiple events to identify a pattern and take quantifiable actions in real-time, e.g., fraud detection and real-time campaign management.

With CEP, we ensure the quality by using the following features:

24/7 Support

SVCITs’ experts’ support is just one click away from you!

We are happy to deliver a dedicated full-time support team during and after each development process. A dedicated support line can be provided to each client faster with a low and fix price model.

Enterprise Integration

Your Business is our Success!

We are providing a wide range of applications and services. To maintain our enterprise services’ quality, we focus on out-of-the-box connectivity, intelligent data mapping, transformation, and orchestration.

With a focus on system interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange, and distributed computing environments in SCM, ERP, CRM, ECM, DBMS, MOM business intelligence applications, payroll, and human resources systems. So, a business has many attributes like process, products, data, people, technologies, etc. These attributes provide benefits to the business, especially for startups and medium-sized companies.

Significant enterprise advantages application Integration
Our Expertise In Enterprises Products

SVCIT successfully has integrated the following enterprise products for many companies and actively supporting maintenance: 

Typical Domains


Engineering Team Management

“It’s not that we use Technology,
We live in Technology”.

We are creators, builders, dreamers, and achievers. We have created a state-of-the-art environment that enables excellent work to be delivered by our team. You will have zero responsibility to manage any technical team, and we do all work from A to Z.

A team is ideal for a project when constituted by skilled and experienced individuals in all the essential areas to ensure perfect project delivery. Each role should be performed by an individual or individuals suitable and specialized for the position without personnel shortage.

It takes way more than developers to ensure the success and development of quality software. The team must consist of personnel such as;

Our teams are highly talented and experienced with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all critical aspects of business software development and enterprise growth.

So, to make more success stories in your business, SVCIT is proud to help and support your company with medium to large projects.

Database Design

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
Daniel Keys Moran

“We know how to separate ‘data with information and ‘data without information’!”

We know how to secure your essential data and optimize memory. Our internal design team evaluates the requirements and designs a fully normalized relational database with logically structured data. ER Diagrams and normalization reports will be provided for each design phase to meet all requirements. Our primary focus for database design is to secure data from vulnerabilities and optimize memory to save cost with a fully customized structure.   

Enterprise Service Bus

ESB is acting as a single point of entry for all systems. Each system will only communicate with ESB to leverage all other services provided by other systems. We use Mule ESB with the runtime engine of Anypoint Platform, a lightweight Java-based ESB and integration platform to allow developers to connect applications quickly and easily. As a result, we allow easy integration of existing systems, regardless of the various technologies.

When one or more source systems are down for maintenance, it can expose the data as a set of standard services that internal and external consumers can use to get that latest data instantaneously.   

UI/UX Design Evaluation

Complete house design and support for UI/UX in existing or new projects considering full compatibility with most browsers or clients’ specific devices in the enterprise. We deliver a fully responsive front-end dynamic UI  in every development process. To design a UI/UX, our highly talented teams are mainly focused on some key points such as:

Our UI and UX design have a creative and unique blend of colors, typography, font, animations, layouts, and these are what give us a unique identity in UI and UX designs.   

Consistency in the design layout enhances the overall user experience. Our designers focus on consistency for a better user experience.

Clarity is also an essential part of our designs to make it clear for users how to use a particular application for different purposes.

Benefits of investing in UI/UX

Better end-user experience: When you invest in creating attractive UI/UX designs for your software, your clients will quickly use your software to perform the task or purpose for which you developed the software. This will make them more loyal to your brand, which is good for business.

High Return of Investment: Developing custom software is more expensive than purchasing off-the-shelf software. Nevertheless, if your UX/UI designs are topnotch, your customized software will be valuable, and the returns of your investment will be high and worthwhile.

Product Management

Product management is complex and therefore requires significant planning. Manage product roadmap, define and develop market requirements, research and collaboration, development and implementation, quality assurance, launch, and fully dedicated support.

Project management entails uniting engineers, designers, business analysis, marketing, and stakeholders into a comprehensive mechanism to achieve product success.

A team is ideal for a project when constituted by skilled and experienced individuals in all the essential areas to ensure perfect project delivery. Each role should be performed by an individual or individuals suitable and specialized for the position without personnel shortage.

It takes way more than developers to ensure the success and development of quality software. The team must consist of personnel such as;

Software Architectures Evaluation

We use the latest technologies and software engineering tools such as Lattix to evaluate existing architecture to find anti-patterns or improve software architectures relative to quality attribute goals.

A business has many attributes like process, products, data, people, technologies, etc. These attributes provide benefits to the company, especially for startups. Various associations need to understand how their business can grow in this condition to achieve complex activities. Moreover, medium and small-scale organizations can adopt these architectures.

The reason behind enterprise solutions became more popular: The enterprise provides solutions to replace the customizable programs, and the complexity of tools replace specialty with common business applications and development tools. We aim to improve enterprise productivity and efficiency by providing business logic and support functions by implementing enterprise solutions in different steps.

Some of the Characteristics of Good Software Architecture

Distributed Systems

Design and implementation of distributed systems through networked computers that communicate and coordinate their actions by passing messages. We divide a single problem into many parts, and different computations solve each piece during runtime.

Why should you adopt our distributed system services for your business? Here are some reasons such:

Characteristics of Distributed Systems

The Major Examples of Distributed Systems

Security Mechanism Used in Distributed Systems

Encryption: Blowfish, RSA
Authentication: Password, Public Key Authentication
Authorization: Access control lists

Project Management

We use a collection of many essential project management skills, methods, tools, and competencies to guarantee every project’s success. Planning, progress status, estimation, change management, and many more will accommodate these key points.

SVCIT project managers focus on the following project management key points such as:

Endless Possibilities

Visualize what you want from your business’s custom software with our professionals with a broad vision to deliver it. The planning stage gives you the overall concept of your custom software when developed or even during development.

We run a full-stack software life cycle development starting from initial planning through support. With over 80+ dedicated full-time senior engineers, there is no limit to supporting our valued clients for medium or large-sized projects. We are supporting all types of technologies for all types of businesses with dynamic packages.  

Why Choose Us

We Welcome Changes
By following our proven development and support model, we can keep consistent communication with our customers from project inception to completion. The above practice allows us to respond to our customers, ensuring optimum project development quickly.

Fixed Engineering Cost
SVCIT provides fixed and month-to-month engineering fees. You will always know how much your project will cost and control the resources with only 30 days’ notice. By selecting two or more engineers for each project, you are in 100% control for your number of resources and budget. We do not enforce any contract, and there is no cancelation fee. In a matter of a few days, you can add as many resources as needed with a variety of expertise, even for a short period.

Best Clients Benefits

Managed & Dedicated Senior Engineers
SVCIT employs over 80+ full-time, highly experienced, and proficient software engineer professionals with a minimum of 5 years of experience in high-tech industries. Over time our engineers are primarily involved with enterprise development and integration with a proven track record. We hire only full-time, experienced engineers and conduct an aggressive interview process. Our strong teamwork culture and communication excellence will ensure that your software is developed and successfully implemented as fast as possible.

Why We Do This

As technology moves fast and market adoption is often slower than expected, SV CloudIT provides corporate clients with a flexible but dedicated senior engineering team on-demand and competitive.

SVCIT offers complete software lifecycle process development and management. Encompassing requirements definition, application design, development, deployment, and software support and upgrade.

We provide customized solutions. Every client receives a dedicated manager that genuinely understands the intricacies of their business needs. The above practice allows us to quickly respond to our customers’ changes, providing the utmost support and maximizing their ROI.


Attractive, user-friendly, and responsive user interface designs. Our primary focus is always on flexibility and pixel perfection.

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