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Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities

Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities


Who is the Product Owner? The primary intent of a product owner is to represent the customer to the development team as a key responsibility. The key responsibility of this job profile is to manage and give visibility to the product backlog or the prioritized list of requirements for future product development. The Product Owner […]

The power of playing offense book

The High-Performance Team Culture


  “SVCIT Recommended book to all employees” Every leader wants their organization to be successful. But there are many definitions of success, such as creating great products, serving customers well, building an inspiring culture, or growth within profitability. Whatever the organizational definition of success is, every individual leaders’ responsibility is to achieve it, which begins […]

A Short Guide Into Remote Work For Engineering

A Short Guide Into Remote Work For Engineering


Remote work and consultancy existed before Coronavirus, and it’s the foundation upon which numerous businesses and brands were built on, including us. You are not reading this blog post because we thought it should be our response to the pandemic, remote work has always been the way we get things done at SVCIT on the […]

Problem and difficulty concept

Anti-Pattern and Management


Why Anti-Pattern and Management is Important Anti-patterns happen where you don’t even expect that. Based on my personal experiences, most of the time when companies expand quickly or acquired by a big corporation, the chance just gets higher. These changes sometimes come with a change in pattern and management and engineering team. There are patterns […]

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