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Microsoft Teams & Salesforce Integration

Microsoft Teams & Salesforce Integration


Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace; where co-workers and colleagues can create and make decisions as a team. It allows chatting, meet, share files, and work with others. Business applications make it a central software hub for communication and collaboration, whether business teams are office-based or working remotely. Microsoft teams can accommodate seamless collaboration by […]

Amazon Connect CTI Adopter for Salesforce

Amazon Connect CTI Adopter for Salesforce


Amazon Connect CTI Adopter for Salesforce and Sales Cloud Amazon Connect CTI supports the ability to take voice calls in a sales force agent experience and screen pop on the incoming phone number. Agents cloud also clicks to dial a number within their contacts. Amazon Connect CTI is Adopter’s new version adds several new features […]

Salesforce Platform for Business

Salesforce Platform Solutions for Business


Salesforce Platform for Business In this digital age, business is changing fast, and everything is connected through digital mediums. Salesforce makes it easy to use cloud-based business applications to stay connected to customers, prospects, and more. It is one of the world’s best CRM platforms, enabling a business to sell, service, and market like never […]

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