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Semantic search

Introduction to Semantic Search


Search lies at the very heart of the web, with over 30 trillion websites. The web provides us with a diverse and ever-increasing amount of data, but the way we currently search for information can mean we jump from one website to another to gather all the data we need; this is because answers provided […]

Predictive Analysis

How to Select a Predictive Modeling Technique?


What is Predictive Analysis? Predictive analysis is the branch of data analysis that is mainly used to predict future events or outcomes. It is solely based on data-driven approaches and techniques to reach conclusions or solutions. The analysis mainly uses analytical techniques and predictive modelling to find relevant patterns in large data sets; in turn, […]

How to Integrate Neo4J with Apache Kafka


Apache Kafka Apache Kafka is a distributed stream platform built on three capabilities: Publish and subscribe to streams of records. Store a stream of records in a fault-tolerant durable way. Process streams of records as they occur. How does Apache Kafka Works? Topics: A topic is a category or feed name to which records can […]

Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune-Graph Database Vs. Neo4j


Amazon Neptune- Fully Managed Graph Database Amazon Neptune is a fully-managed graph database service. It’s a fast service, and its design is specifically for graph applications that need to have high throughput query answering with low latency. So the Neptune users can query billions of relationships with millisecond latency. It is designed to be reliable. […]

Apache HBase

Introduction to Apache HBase


Why need Apache HBase? The traditional data storage system is a relational database management system (RDBMS) for storing data and maintaining related problems, but slowly we faced the rise of Big Data. So since the rise of Big Data, we have come across new solutions, and Hadoop is one of them. But when we stored […]

Buy or Build: Exploring Your Options for Software Solutions.

Buy or Build: Exploring Your Options for Software Solutions


Like every other business decision, when faced with either buying or building new software. It is necessary you weigh the pros and cons of each option before concluding. Utmost planning is important to avoid making the wrong choice that will have adverse effects on your business. The decision to choose between building or buying software […]

How to Steer Clear of Over-engineering In Your Projects

How to Steer Clear of Over-engineering In Your Projects


As a developer working individually or in small development companies, there’s always the thought of what the end product of your code should be. There is a result in mind and a goal to be achieved. Therefore, oftentimes do not realize you are getting sucked into a project until it has become a complicated mess. […]

Understanding Custom Software Development Process

Understanding Custom Software Development Process


The pace of technological development has advanced to a level where every human activity is dependent on it for survival. Today, custom software development process has become an important part of societal endeavors. Everywhere in the world today, there is a growing demand for custom software. This is why there is a need to understand […]

How To Disrupt The Market With a Custom Software

How To Disrupt The Market With a Custom Software


You are either a disruptor or the disrupted; the choice is yours. In the competitive business hub, successfully disrupting the digital market is no small feat. It takes an innovation that flushes traditional methods to achieve this landmark, and Custom Software is presently a great marketing strategy to achieve this milestone. I trust you might […]

Software Development Trends that will Matter Post Covid-19

Software Development Trends that will Matter Post Covid-19


With the Stay at Home order in place in almost every part of the world due to Covid-19, technology has played a crucial role in the way people work, play, communicate, collaborate, eat, and even shop. Mobile and web applications for online shopping, video conferencing, cloud computing, and the internet of things have gained momentum […]

Practical Steps to Patenting your App Idea

How to Patent your App Idea – Complete Guide


It is perfectly normal to feel like someone is going to steal your invention. After all, you must have spent a considerable amount of time and intellect building your app idea. While intellectual property law protects your mobile app idea through patent, trademark, and copyright you must learn the steps to prevent other people from […]

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