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How to Integrate Neo4J with Apache Kafka


Apache Kafka Apache Kafka is a distributed stream platform built on three capabilities: Publish and subscribe to streams of records. Store a stream of records in a fault-tolerant durable way. Process streams of records as they occur. How does Apache Kafka Works? Topics: A topic is a category or feed name to which records can […]

Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune-Graph Database Vs. Neo4j


Amazon Neptune- Fully Managed Graph Database Amazon Neptune is a fully-managed graph database service. It’s a fast service, and its design is specifically for graph applications that need to have high throughput query answering with low latency. So the Neptune users can query billions of relationships with millisecond latency. It is designed to be reliable. […]

What is Custom API Integration in Slack


Custom API Integration in Slack

Microsoft Phone System with Teams

Microsoft Phone System with Teams


Microsoft phone system is a cloud phone system integrated into office 365; it uses Microsoft Team as the client app. It can replace common phone system users using regular desk phones and applications on the computer. There is no need to worry about upgrades, maintenance, or complex configuration with the Microsoft phone system integration. It […]

Microservices vs. API

Microservices vs. API | What is the Difference?


What are Microservices? The term microservices is defined as its most commonly known as microservice architecture. It’s an architectural style to build the applications; these applications are software applications. So, users can structure an application to collect small or standard Services models around the business domain. In this article we are discussing Microservices vs. APII. […]

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5 Custom Software Development Trends Post Covid-19


Just like any other industry, the Covid-19 outbreak is sure to change things in the software industry. Right before the pandemic began, the software industry experienced undeniable advancement with the release of new and better technologies by the hour. Now that the pandemic struck, can the industry still testify to this? Will custom development dwindles […]

MVP: How The Process Can Improve The Software Development Efficiency

MVP: Improving Custom Software Development Efficiency


The role of MVP in the custom software development process is not always given the prestige it deserves. Custom software development can be tasking and overwhelming. The greatest concern with the development of new software is the response of the target audience towards the developed software. The idea of developing new custom software is often […]

Investing in UI/UX Design For Custom Software Deployment

Investing in UI/UX Design For Custom Software Deployment


Frankly, the value of custom software is determined by how receptive users are toward the software, and this factor hugely determines ROI. Therefore, investing heavily in UI/UX design when developing custom software is of utmost importance. UI/UX designs are imperative because they determine the experience of end-users as regard operating or using custom software. If […]

Top 5 Custom Software Development Best Practices

Top 5 Custom Software Development Best Practices


  Never venture into any project without considering these top 5 Custom software development best practices. If you carefully peer into the scientific enterprise, you will observe that one of the factors that have kept it flourishing for centuries is its strict regard for due process. This paradigm has played a vital role in ensuring […]

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