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Reduce Operational Risks

Reduce Operational Risks


Introduction: By simplifying the complexities of managing and accessing data across multiple sources, you can reduce the need for maintaining in-house data management solutions. Our technology provides powerful data governance features that maintain data quality, security, and compliance, reducing the risk of data breaches and associated costs. Axys: Your Key to a Seamless DataOps Environment […]

Knowledge representation

Knowledge Representation in AI (Semantic Networks)


What is Knowledge Representation? Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR, KRR) represents information from the real world for a computer to understand and then utilize it to solve complex real-life problems like communicating with human beings in natural language. Different Types of Knowledge Represented in AI Objects Events Performance Facts Meta-Knowledge Knowledge-Base Types of Knowledge in […]

Semantic search

Introduction to Semantic Search


Search lies at the very heart of the web, with over 30 trillion websites. The web provides us with a diverse and ever-increasing amount of data, but the way we currently search for information can mean we jump from one website to another to gather all the data we need; this is because answers provided […]

Recommender System

Introduction to Recommender System


What is a Recommender System? A recommender system is an unsupervised machine-learning algorithm. It’s an automated system to filter some entities. These entities can be any products, ads, people, movies, or songs, and we see this technology at Amazon to Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and eHarmony. For example, when a user watches a movie, they will […]

Introduction to Ansible


Why Ansible? Ansible is a DevOps environments tool for helping manage the service and falls on the operations side of the DevOps equation. It allows for maintaining all the different servers such as web servers running Apache, and database servers running MySQL. It isn’t easy to maintain many servers by hand simultaneously here. Ansible helps […]

Difference b/w Cassandra vs. MongoDB vs. HBase


The Big data is revolutionizing the world of the IT industry, and according to Forbes, analysts estimate upward of 80% of enterprise data is unstructured. Unstructured data cannot always be handled in real-time if an organization tries to store this data and their DBMS, it will be difficult to scale up the data in real-time […]

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP

Introduction to AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP


Here we are going to discuss AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP. How are these three cloud services different, and what factors do we need to focus on while comparing Amazon web services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform? AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP Amazon Web Services AWS is the oldest and the most experienced player in […]

Drools Rule Engine Works

How Drools Rule Engine Works


How Does Drools Rule Engine Works? The rule engine is a complex event processing system based on rule chains. Here we are going to discuss how Drools Rule Engine works. Introduction to Drools Rule Engine Enterprise systems usually have multiple layers. From top to bottom, they are Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer. The middle layer […]

Apache HBase

Introduction to Apache HBase


Why need Apache HBase? The traditional data storage system is a relational database management system (RDBMS) for storing data and maintaining related problems, but slowly we faced the rise of Big Data. So since the rise of Big Data, we have come across new solutions, and Hadoop is one of them. But when we stored […]

Amazon Zookeeper

Introduction to Zookeeper System Design


What is Apache Zookeeper System Design? Apache Zookeeper Apache Zookeeper is a pillar for so many distributed applications because of its unique features. It uses as coordination between distributed applications. It exposes a simple set of primitives to implement higher-level services for synchronization, configuration, maintenance, groups, and naming. Zookeeper’s design is easy to use and […]

Splunk vs. ELK

Introduction to Splunk Vs. ELK


Here we will discuss and compare the benefits of “Splunk Vs. ELK,” including their integration. Here we analyze the efficiency of Splunk and ELK for all sizes of businesses. Splunk Vs. ELK ELK Elasticsearch is a search server Three parts that make ELK. Elasticsearch; provides the storage and analytics engine Logstash; provides the collection and […]

AWS IoT Greengrass Technology

What is AWS IoT Greengrass Technology


Building device software can be a long process. Customers often find themselves reinventing the wheel device builders want to easily build, deploy and manage device software for use in homes, factories, vehicles, and businesses. This requires developing and debugging applications on a variety of test devices and deploying software to millions of devices globally. AWS […]

5G Technology for Business Solutions

5G Technology for Business Solutions


Every new generation of wireless networks delivers faster speed and more functionalities to our smartphones. 1G brought us the first cell phones, 2G let its users text for the first time, and 3G brought us online, and 4G delivered the speeds that users enjoyed today. But as more users come online 4G networks have just […]

Connectivity and Security with IoT

Connectivity and IoT Security Solutions


The Internet of Things anticipates being ubiquitous in projected smart environments like homes, workplaces, and communities as they become more automated. IoT network effect and connectivity turn houses into intelligent, comfortable, and efficient living spaces as devices talk to other connected devices so that their functions work together efficiently. Without proper device configurations and security, […]

OLTP vs. OLAP in Data Warehouse

OLAP vs. OLTP in Data Warehouse


What is OLAP? OLAP stands for online analytical processing; it’s a category of software data for business decisions. OLAP allows users to analyze database information from multiple database systems online. A data warehouse is an example of an OLAP system. The uses of OLAP systems are as follows: A company might compare their sales in […]

Telnyx Call Control

Telnyx Call Control


What is Call Control: Call Control is a programmable voice API. For instance, when a user contacts a call center, they encounter a recorded menu offering options such as pressing one for sales or support and two for agent support. Selecting agent support automatically transfers the user’s call to the appropriate department based on their […]

5 of the Numerous Problems MxToolBox Can Solve

5 of the Numerous Problems MxToolBox Can Solve


Solving IT problems is the forte of MxToolBox. Tech experts use to diagnose and resolve a wide range of network infrastructure issues with professional tools and planning. Especially in email and web security. Both big and small companies employ the use of MXtoolbox to solve Numerous Problems and enhance email delivery. A unique feature of […]

Mobile Vs. Web Application: Different or Complements?

Mobile Vs. Web Application: Different or Complements?


There’s this age long comparison of mobile vs. web applications, and it has dragged for too long. It’s finally time to put the argument and comparison to rest. That’s why we will approach it from the perspective of whether the two are different or complimentary. Let’s establish a fact before we move ahead; a number […]

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