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Recommender System

Introduction to Recommender System


What is a Recommender System? A recommender system is an unsupervised machine-learning algorithm. It’s an automated system to filter some entities. These entities can be any products, ads, people, movies, or songs, and we see this technology at Amazon to Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and eHarmony. For example, when a user watches a movie, they will […]

Difference b/w Cassandra vs. MongoDB vs. HBase


The Big data is revolutionizing the world of the IT industry, and according to Forbes, analysts estimate upward of 80% of enterprise data is unstructured. Unstructured data cannot always be handled in real-time if an organization tries to store this data and their DBMS, it will be difficult to scale up the data in real-time […]

Amazon SageMaker

Introduction to AWS SageMaker


Amazon SageMaker is a cloud machine-learning platform that helps users build, train, and deploy machine-learning models in a production-ready hosted environment. Amazon SageMaker helps data scientists and developers to prepare data and build, train and deploy machine learning models quickly by bringing together purpose-built capabilities. These capabilities allow users to build highly accurate models that […]

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP

Introduction to AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP


Here we are going to discuss AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP. How are these three cloud services different, and what factors do we need to focus on while comparing Amazon web services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform? AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP Amazon Web Services AWS is the oldest and the most experienced player in […]

AWS DevOps Vs. Azure DevOps

Introduction to AWS DevOps Vs. Azure DevOps


AWS DevOps Vs. Azure DevOps What is DevOps? DevOps is a set of software development practices that combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to shorten the SDLC while delivering feature fixes and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives. Here we are discussing AWS DevOps Vs. Azure DevOps. What is AWS? AWS which stands […]

Drools Rule Engine Works

How Drools Rule Engine Works


How Does Drools Rule Engine Works? The rule engine is a complex event processing system based on rule chains. Here we are going to discuss how Drools Rule Engine works. Introduction to Drools Rule Engine Enterprise systems usually have multiple layers. From top to bottom, they are Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer. The middle layer […]

Kubernetes Vs. Docker Swarm

Introduction to Kubernetes Vs. Docker Swarm


Kubernetes Vs. Docker Swarm What is Docker? Docker is a platform used to containerize software. The user can easily build their application and package them with the dependencies required for their application into the container. Further, these containers are easily shipped to run on other machines. So, Docker simplifies the DevOps methodology by allowing developers […]

Splunk vs. ELK

Introduction to Splunk Vs. ELK


Here we will discuss and compare the benefits of “Splunk Vs. ELK,” including their integration. Here we analyze the efficiency of Splunk and ELK for all sizes of businesses. Splunk Vs. ELK ELK Elasticsearch is a search server Three parts that make ELK. Elasticsearch; provides the storage and analytics engine Logstash; provides the collection and […]

Software as a Service (SaaS)

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?


The Software as a Service (SaaS) provider manages everything from hardware installation, working to app functioning. End users are not responsible for anything in this model; they only use programs to complete their tasks. SaaS is a part of almost everyone’s daily life. Software as a service or SaaS is one of the three main […]

Power of integration with Microsoft Power BI

The Power of Microsoft Power BI integration


The Power BI is the market leader in solving data management crises. This tool is mainly aimed to visualize and organize the data. It is a great visualization tool; Power BI gives us a lot more than just visualization; it is a self-service business intelligence tool available in the cloud. Power BI has the incredible […]

Sparx EA & Confluence Integration from Prolaborate

Sparx EA & Confluence Integration from Prolaborate


Sparx EA System Suite of Product Sparx systems architecture platform is a comprehensive moulding environment, and enterprises using it predominantly to create models. It provides the pro cloud server, a web service that enables a seamless and secure connection to the underlying repository through HTTPS connections. Moreover, it provides the rest APIs that allow an […]

Splunk Enterprise Integration & Log Services Benefits

Splunk Enterprise Integration & Log Services Benefits


Integration & Log Services Benefits

Spring Boot Framework

Introduction to Spring Boot Framework


Spring Boot Framework is an enterprise Java framework that lets its users write enterprise Java applications. By using Spring Boot, users can bootstrap or quickly start up a simple Spring application. Developers can build complex applications with Spring Boot quickly. It’s a Spring module that aims to simplify using the Spring Boot Framework for Java […]

4 Intercom Integration for An Improved Live Customer Service

4 Intercom Integration for An Improved Live Customer Service


Live chat is one of the most important parts of customer service. Customers want their queries answered in real time and without delay. Intercom Integration for Improved Live Customer Service plays an important role in live services. The ability to seamlessly connect with customers immediately and prioritize their needs is not the only distinct benefit […]

5 Ways to Get the Best of Zendesk

5 Ways to Get the Best of Zendesk


The way you treat your customers’ matters a lot in business success. Apart from higher patronage and customer loyalty, customer-centric organizations have higher revenue drives than those whose customer services are not up to par. As your company’s customer base expands, you will have more requests and feedback to handle. Therefore, it is better to […]

How IT Stepped Up to Save the World during This Pandemic

Chatbots: Does your Business really need One?


Chatbots are all the rage for businesses now even though it has been in existence for many decades. Do you want your customers to reach you day and night? Try chatbot. Do you want to generate more leads and increase sales? A chatbot is your plug. The crux of the matter is that chatbots are […]

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