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4 Proven Strategies For Twitter App Marketing

Digital Marketing is the heartbeat of any business, and a valuable asset in this realm is Social Media Marketing. Sincerely, if your business is not being marketed on Social Media, you’re doing yourself a disfavor.

Moreover, according to statistics, there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and Twitter reportedly has 330 million monthly active users. Making it a great platform to reach your target audience.

However, this can only achieve strategically, because Twitter is a pretty complex but important tool for app marketing.

Regardless, these four (4) proven strategies for Twitter App Marketing will certainly bring you up to speed with marketing on Twitter; thereby adding value to your business.

1. Branding

Here, branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, design, or symbol for your company or product so that it is easily identified as belonging to your company. It is crucial in marketing on Twitter.

  • The handle should be your business name.
  • Your profile picture should be your company’s logo.
  • The bio should successfully advertise your business and services.
  • Ensure you affix your company’s Website and Email address.
  • Keep your DM open.
  • Apply to get your account verified. Verification is important because that way your brand will not be impersonated.

So, How you brand your business on Twitter influences how it will be perceived.

2. Content Creation.
Creating engaging content on Twitter is the best way to increase your followers, visibility, and sales. You should tweet regularly and make your content intriguing.

In addition, it is important to note that people on Twitter easily subscribe to humor, banter, and pun. Apply humor and pun when creating content and more persons will be attracted to your brand.

Quality videos and photos are also great content on Twitter.

Moreover, if your contents are good, people will freely help market your products and services, by retweeting your posts or tagging their friends to your posts.

Don’t be uptight on Twitter, it doesn’t pay. In fact, it will be brilliant and rewarding if you collaborate with your business rival to have a fake war/ banter on Twitter.

Twitter folks love drama, give them drama and they will give you publicity for free. You can also create hashtags to promote your events and special sales.

3. Paid Sponsorship

Influencing is a fast-growing occupation on Twitter. Individuals with high followers often tag themselves as influencers. Getting these individuals to market your business is a good strategy for app marketing on Twitter.

These individuals will help get your brand on the trend list. Being on the trend list is an enormous way of gaining visibility and new followers.

People are easily curious and they love to satisfy their curiosity. Similarly, when they see tons of tweets about a brand they would want to learn more about it and might end up patronizing the brand.

This has proven to be an excellent marketing strategy on Twitter.

4. Analyze your impact and results.

A periodic analysis of your results and impact will aid your strategies better. To market effectively, your strategies should not be stagnant. There is a need to go back to the drawing board regularly to map out plans.

Moreover, the best way to make correct changes and improvements by having a correct analysis of how well or bad previous strategies played out.

Further, the business world is extremely competitive, to stand out, you must capitalize on marketing opportunities. In addition, Twitter has created a platform that connects millions of people. How you benefit from this as a business owner is a test of your business acumen.

An application of these proven app marketing strategies will boost your business coverage, visibility, and eventually sales.

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