5 Challenges Causing Software Project Delays

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5 Challenges Causing Software Project Delays

5 Typical Challenges Causing Software Project Delays

Challenges Causing Software Project Delays are an inherent part of achieving any goal or task. Actually, these are expected, and the expectations of challenges enable us to conquer them when they eventually emerge.

This assertion is applicable to the development of software. Development teams can face tons of challenges they can conquer if they meet deadlines.

To avoid Software Project Delays, it is important to be well aware of the likely challenges you are to encounter as a software developer.

These five challenges are the top challenges faced by development teams. Most probably they can avoid it if they are really ahead of them.

1. Sudden Change in Specification

Planning is key in the actualization of a software project. Without ambiguity, the project specifications and requirements somehow thought through, clearly laid down, and planned towards.

In the course of the development, the already laid down specifications should adhere to, alterations should only be made when necessary, and it should be done in such a way that it is understood by all involved parties to avoid misinterpretation and problems.

A sudden change in specifications can lead to the delay of a project. Avoiding the urge to make sudden changes except when necessary will lead to developing your projects in due time. Plan change in the specification for hot fixes or future sprints as much as possible.

2. Insufficient Time and Efforts in Planning

The planning stage is the foundation of any project. If the foundation poorly built then the project will certainly fail. Therefore, time and serious thoughts should allocate to planning.

Planning employs special expertise and experience in the art of development. In software development, before coding, it is important that all necessary instruments and designs are in place. That’s why the SVCIT design team and project managers always work hand to hand before starting the actual development.

Additionally, it is imperative to plan and strategize on how to administer the project budget, in such a way that it is enough for the actualization of the project. Strategies and contingency plans should be mapped out before embarking on software development.

3. Unrealistic time estimate.

Providing an unrealistic time estimate for a project is urge developers need to avoid. This blunder can incur failure even before the start of the project.

This error can occur due to mistakes, or probably a case of overconfidence. When you give the completion of a project an unrealistic time frame the team is put under extreme pressure, which can lead to more errors and eventually the delay of the project.

Project owners and developers should put eagerness aside when allocating time to a project. In fact, additional time should include just in case of unforeseen circumstances especially when estimation is based on managerial experience.

4. No one should be indispensable.

It is important to treat your staff right, nonetheless like other ventures the IT world is dynamic, and developers have their various career ambitions. Therefore, you should expect that while on a project, a team member might choose to switch jobs.

Such a blow is fatal if a suitable replacement is not found. However, the effect of this blow can reduce if there is a backup plan.

As a project owner, it is wise to have in your contact, skilled developers that are not currently a part of your team. You might be in need of their services to aid prevent the delay of a project because a team member left. It is also essential to spend more time and document the process and logic as much as possible for minimizing resource dependencies.

Keeping contacts with skilled developers and documentation are great backup plans.

5. Scheduled and On The Spot Review

The conduct of regular tests and reviews of your project while it is ongoing, will aid you to detect errors timely.

Also, you will note if your team is on the right track or not. It is safe to conduct tests regularly.

A problem discovered early is a problem likely to be solved on time.

If the above-mentioned are judiciously done, you can avoid some of the most common problems during the course of software development. Thereby, averting software project delays.

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