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Amazon WorkDocs

In today’s global enterprise, everyone needs to work anywhere and everywhere on all kinds of devices and do that effectively; the user needs to access and share files. Moreover, Amazon WorkDocs provides the solution by the secure leading industry AWS cloud. WorkDocs is designed to fulfill the needs of the global enterprise. It is a fully managed file share and storage service that allows storing, sync, and sharing files from any location.

On-demand Access: With Amazon WorkDocs, the user always has On-demand access to the latest version of their work. The user can easily view all major file formats.

Strong Admin Controls: Amazon WorkDocs provides near real-time visibility into all activities and strong admin controls to determine who accesses the content.

Add More Users at any time: It allows us to add more users at any time.

WorkDocs is fully integrated with other AWS services and business productivity applications, including amazon workspaces, reducing complexity and monitoring cost.

Amazon WorkDocs Capabilities

WorkDocs capabilities are all about how customers think about content collaboration platforms.

Foundational Capabilities

Library and Repository Services: Amazon WorkDocs is a hugely scaled and reliable repository service built on top of Amazon S3.

Search: Moreover, AWS has enabled an advanced search facility that allows users to search using file and folder names and do a content search for metadata values.

Security: Security is embedded in the form of integrated security for authentication using Microsoft active directory and standalone authentication for external sharing use cases.

Metadata Services: It enables customers to add custom metadata values that can be used to categorize files and search on these metadata values to retrieve files.

Workflows: There are simple workflows available to enable scenarios such as approval workflows for document approvals and contract negotiations.

Analytics: For analytics amazon, providing a rich set of APIs allows customers to build detailed reports on user activity, file usage activity, and API access from the cloud.

Extended Services for Business Applications

  • Document Management
  • Internet Content Hosting
  • File and Share
  • Team Collaboration
  • Reporting

Intelligent Content Services

  • Rich API (pay per use)
  • Interoperability and Federation
  • Cognitive Services (ML and AI)

WorkDocs Use Cases

Amazon WorkDocs is a very versatile platform and can support a wide variety of content management use cases. However, four key use cases work very well with end-to-end without additional work needed from customers. An organization can use the Amazon WorkDocs site, drive, and mobile application to enable a modern file sharing experience for its users. Here are four use cases the user can enable:

File Repository in AWS Cloud

  • Store files in the cloud in a secure and compliance service
  • Smart search and fast retrieval with no version limits
  • Complete control of file access using permissions
  • Real-time editability of all activities
  • Anywhere, anytime access from web, mobile, and desktop

File Collaboration

  • Share and collaborate in real-time with team and clients
  • Sharing with external users and guest users are free
  • Co-edit and co-author Office documents anytime, anywhere in the web application using office 365 integration or Handcom integration
  • Eliminate long email chains via rich commenting and annotation capabilities.

User Share and Team Share Replacement

  • User home drive, team drives replacing traditional network shared drives
  • Access files when needed without having to download all files, save on local storage
  • Extends PC and Mac with integration into Windows Explorer and Mac finder

Build Applications

  • User-centric SDKs, admin-centric SDKs, available in AWS SDK
  • Add WorkDocs features to any web or mobile application
  • Integrating business tools
  • Enhance WorkDocs capabilities by integrating user business tools

WorkDocs Features

  • Secure File Sharing
  • Enterprise Security
  • Replace Network Files Shares
  • Real-time Auditing and Compliance
  • Smart Search
  • Tasks and Simple Workflows
  • Mobile and Field Productivity
  • Developers SDK Integration

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