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Amazon Elasticsearch Service

The majority of activities we do are driven by searching such as hailing a ride, getting support, or finding the file a user needs for the next meeting, and many more; this means everyone is a search expert with high expectations around how fast, easy, and rich search results should be. But building a great search for your customers and teams can be surprisingly complex with long project timelines and hefty costs. Machine-generated data is growing exponentially, and getting insights from it is important but complex for your business.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Elasticsearch service brings all search solutions together. Elasticsearch has emerged as a popular open-source choice to harness this valuable data but deploying, managing, and scaling elastic search can be challenging. Elasticsearch has covered enterprise-grade, modern search experiences.

Here we discuss how the Amazon Elasticsearch service works. Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a fully managed service that makes it easy for its users to deploy, secure and manage Elasticsearch clusters.

Elasticsearch Characteristics

  • Real-time distributed and analytics engine
  • Open-source platform developed in Java
  • Elasticsearch is based on the Lucene engine, on top of which we have a rest interface.
  • Elasticsearch supports full-text search, i.e., completely document-based instead of tables and schemas.
  • It is helpful for single-page application projects.

Why Elasticsearch?

  • It allows performing and combining many types of searches like structured, unstructured, geo, metric, etc.
  • The user can ask a query anywhere they want.
  • It allows to understand billions of log lines easily
  • Provides aggregations that help zoom out to explore trends and patterns in data.

Benefits of Amazon Elasticsearch Service


It is a fully managed service that takes care of hardware provisioning, software installation, and patching failure recovery backups and monitoring. It supports elastic search open-source APIs and seamlessly integrates with popular data ingestion and visualization tools like Logstash, Cabana, and other AWS services (called ELK Stack) allowing users to use their existing code and tools to extract insights quickly and securely.

Fully Customizable

It provides a fully operational cluster customized to meet customer’s needs. It fulfills the fluctuating business demands without any downtime. The user can replicate data across multiple availability zones for higher availability, and the service creates daily backups for added data protection. It provides built-in encryption, so all the user data at rest and in motion are automatically encrypted. The user can use Amazon VPC and manage authentication to keep their data protected against hacking attacks and data loss.

No Upfront Fees

The Amazon Elasticsearch comes with a minimal price. There is no upfront fee or usage requirements; the user can also pay by the hour or save more by choosing reserved instances pricing.

Real-Time Analytics

Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides real-time analytics capabilities along with manageability.

Modern and Scalable

It provides modern search experiences that are simple to set up, scale with ease, and empower business users to own the search experience. Elasticsearch lets its users leverage all the power of Elasticsearch, complete with a refined set of APIs and dashboards, intuitive relevance controls, and robust analytics that make creating great search experiences easy.

  • It also makes searches internal to the organization, making all the team’s content findable rapidly to improve productivity and employee engagement.
  • With Elastic workplace, users can unify all of their content platforms into personalizing and natural search experience.
  • Elasticsearch enterprise offers its users the flexibility to deploy anywhere, whether on Elastic Cloud, with any cloud platform, on-prem, or global region.
  • The user can easily scale based on their own unique business needs; it also allows anyone to search for anything.
  • Best of all, its design helps its users to get a start immediately with Elasticsearch with a great user interface experience.


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