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Every organization wants to choose the best platform to run their business to create their customers’ best experience. In the past, DevOps tools kept teams siloes in different groups making it hard to align their priorities and deliver successfully but this has changed with CloudBees Jenkins enterprise.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

CloudBees Jenkins enterprise platform provides a range of continuous integration delivery solutions powered by Jenkins that meets enterprises’ unique needs on-premise or in the cloud. It improves business agility and business-IT alignment by delivering more structured software. CloudBees Jenkins simplified the user experience to make it easier to manage Jenkins for faster delivery and onboarding teams in a minute. So, they can get aligned and focused on projects. CloudBees Jenkins provides a new UI that offers simple to create teams as developers get pulled into a new project. Organizations wanted an intuitive way for administrators to set up teams in a scalable fashion. So, developers never need to wait to build their projects. Security comes pre-configured for many roles, and Jenkins is secured out-of-the-box; this means faster audits and less time configuring security settings.

CloudBees Jenkins for Enterprise Companies

With CloudBees Jenkins, enterprise companies can ship software in a repeatable fashion, and teams have the flexibility to choose the right tools to get the job done.

Key Features at a Glance

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Continuous Delivery for the DevOps

Built-in Scale

Standardize processes to support multiple teams and improve collaboration. Infrastructure costs are reduced with built-in elasticity and multi-tenancy.

Easy to Manage

  • Free up engineering resources to focus on developing software.
  • Users don’t need to maintain infrastructure.
  • One-click master provisioning enables teams and new projects to be started instantly.

Resilient by Design

  • Ensure availability with self-healing Jenkins infrastructure.
  • Masters have automatic failover, agents can recover, and jobs automatically restart
  • Preventing costly downtime

Security and Compliance

  • Reduce risk by ensuring lighter controls.
  • With CloudBees, everyone is on the same rigorously-tested version on Jenkins.
  • Eliminating Conflict
  • User can define roles and control access level
  • Easy compliance

Easy Installation

Jenkins is a self-contained Java-based package for Windows, Mac OS, and Unix OS.

Easy Configuration

It provides easy setup and configuration via its web interface, including error checks and built-in help.


It has hundreds of plugins in the update center and integrates with every CI and CD toolchain.


Jenkins can be extended via its plugins architecture and provides nearly infinite possibilities for what it can do.


It allows its users to distribute work more efficiently across multiple machines, helping in faster building, tests, and deployments across multiple platforms.

Create a Pipeline

A pipeline connects to a required repository; with a few clicks of a button, choose a project. Here project files are seamlessly integrated into the build. Users can even connect pipelines from different applications so teams can work in parallel on the latest deliverables. CloudBees make it easy for teams to focus on delivery with enterprise features according to an organization’s need.

CloudBees Jenkins offers solutions to scale enterprise essentially. Jenkins also manages security capabilities for business data. It is empowering teams to deliver software at the speed of ideas.

CloudBees Distributed Pipeline Architecture

CloudBees distributed pipeline architecture reduce business risk through:

  • Project Isolation
  • DevOps project teams get their own Jenkins master
  • Distributes workload across the master
  • Cross-project contamination of workspace and data is estimated
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Scaling and elasticity achieved through the use of cluster managed containers
  • Data Isolation
  • Data contamination from previous executions are easily eliminated


  • Auto Scale-up / Down
  • Install Anywhere
  • Can run on a single machine
  • Self-healing

CloudBees Assurance Program (CPA)

  • Assurance stability for application delivery
  • Removes the pain of Jenkins upgrade
  • Eliminates double about plugin interoperability
  • Delivers new functionalities faster

Key Takeaways

  • CloudBees Jenkins enterprise enables enterprises to:
  • Use the latest technology tools and best practices to achieve continuous delivery
  • Unity processes across teams and business units
  • Secure IP assets to ensure compliance with IT standards
  • Projects teams can provision build resources on-demand without disruptions or the extended ‘down-time.’

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